Historic Oak View From Home

Historic Oak View From Home

Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Historic Oak View County Park from home! Be sure to check back often, as this page is updated with new activities and videos regularly!


Take a Virtual Tour

Mobile Tour advertisement with picture of Tenant House

Take the Historic Oak View Park Property Tour on your Mobile Device!

Make it more fun by doing the Oak View Mobile Tour Scavenger Hunt along the way! 

Don't miss our newest tour, Plants with a Past!

Graphic for the Oak View mobile tour in Spanish

¡Recorra el Parque Histórico Oak View desde su dispositivo móvil!

Self-guided Activities

Supplement your park visit with some educational and fun self-guided activities.

For preschool-aged visitors:

Sensory Walk at Oak View

Color Walk at Oak View

Oak View Picture Scavenger Hunt

Nature Walk Bingo at Oak View

For elementary and middle school-aged visitors:

Bird Watching at Oak View

Compass Activity


Self-guided Walks

Enjoy some mindful movement during your visit

Take a guided Pecan Tree Meditation

Enjoy an "Awe Walk" around the park

Embark on a Heart Happiness Hike


Oak View on Video

Check out Oak View on Video! We have videos showcasing different aspects of Oak View, so that you can enjoy the park and learn from a distance.

Around Oak View

Curious about what's happening around Oak View? Follow along and learn more about the park's gardens and natural features.

Hidden Histories

Want to learn more about Oak View's history? Watch these short but in-depth videos that focus on overlooked buildings and features of Oak View's history.


Oak View Goat Pen Pals!

Graphic inviting letters to be written and sent to Levi, Leroy or Felix the Goat at Historic Oak View County Park

The Oak View goats would love to hear from you. Write and mail a letter to one or more of the goats and they will write back to you!

Address letters to:

Leroy, Felix, Oscar, or Henry the Goat
Historic Oak View County Park
4028 Carya Drive
Raleigh NC 27610

Check out all the beautiful artwork the goats have been receiving with our Goat Pen Pals Show & Tell!


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Image of cartoon park staff with woodland animals promoting wake parks from home

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