Wake County Tax Information

All businesses must establish a property tax account with the Wake County Department of Tax Administration for the purpose of annual taxation.

All individuals, partnerships, corporations and associations who, on January 1, own, control or possess any amount of leasehold improvements or tangible personal property used or held for a business purpose, must complete a business listing form. The listing period is January 1 through January 31 each year. View listing forms and instructions.

For more information about business accounts, please call the Department of Tax Administration at 919-856-5400 or visit our Business Property Information page.

In addition to establishing a property tax account with the County, you may be subject to the Gross Receipts tax or require a Malt Beverage & Wine License if your business provides any of the following:

Prepared Food and Beverages

Prepared Food and Beverages – This tax applies to all prepared food and beverages sold at retail for consumption, on or off the premises, by any retailer with sales in Wake County subject to sales tax imposed by the State under G.S. 105-64.4(a)(1). The merchant collects this tax, in addition to N.C. State Sales Tax, and remits it to the County each month.

Rental Vehicles

Rental Vehicles – This refers to any rental vehicle offered at retail for short-term lease or rental that is owned or leased by an entity engaged in the business of leasing or renting vehicles to the general public.

Lodging (Room Occupancy)

Lodging (Room Occupancy) – This tax applies to the rental of any room, lodging or accommodation furnished by a hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, or similar place within the County that is subject to the State sales tax imposed under Section 105-164.4(a)(3) of the North Carolina General Statutes.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rental – This gross receipts tax is a substitute for the property tax on short-term leases or rentals of heavy equipment and is collected from any rental location within a Wake County municipality that has chosen to implement the tax.

Malt Beverage & Wine

Malt Beverage & Wine – A person holding a retail ABC permit for On- or Off-Premises Malt or Wine must obtain a county license for that activity. To apply for a county license, state and city permits must first be issued.

For more information regarding Gross Receipts Tax or Malt Beverage & Wine Licensing, please call 919-856-5999 or select one of the above links.