Strategic Plan

Wake County adopted its first organization-wide strategic planning process in April 2024 to identify our top priorities through 2029. The plan outlines our vision for a thriving, resilient community and reflects our commitment to community collaboration and forward-thinking solutions. We invite you to explore the plan’s six focus areas and 24 goals, or click here to view a summary of the County’s vision, mission, and goals: Wake County Strategic Plan Summary.

If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, please contact the County's Strategic Initiatives Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Strategic Plan?

The strategic plan is an organized process that assesses our current state and describes our future direction. The process aims to create a shared vision by establishing strategic goals and initiatives that guide implementation and resource allocation over the next five years. We will describe our desired outcomes in the strategic plan and regularly monitor and report our progress.

Strategic planning outlines goals over the next three to five years. It fits between long-term plans of 10 or more years and short-term plans over the next two years.

Why does Wake County need a Strategic Plan?

Wake County developed its first organization-wide strategy plan to establish a clear direction and vision for addressing future challenges. Wake is among the nation's fastest-growing counties, with more than a million people, and that pace of growth requires thoughtful preparation. When developing the plan, the county sought to:

  1. Engage the community, stakeholders, and the community,
  2. Focus our energy and resources on the most critical issues,
  3. Align efforts to address issues efficiently and maximize preferable impacts, and
  4. Measure our progress toward achieving desired outcomes.


The County will use this plan as a "north star." We will use the plan to evaluate our policies, plans, programs, and service delivery for all Wake County residents. The Strategic Plan is a living document, and Wake County will regularly maintain and update it to address new and emerging issues or challenges.

Was the community involved in the strategic planning process?

Yes! For our first strategic plan to succeed, we needed to engage with the community and employees. Your input improved our vision and helped create our strategic goals. Opportunities to provide input included community partner focus groups and surveys and employees were asked to provide feedback online. Community engagement activities were held between July and October 2023. 

Based on 2,400+ responses, the following areas were identified as important priority issues (shown in alphabetical order):

  • Affordable housing
  • Crime, violence, and public safety
  • Education, including pay and support for teachers and staff
  • Engagement with the community and service recipients
  • Growth, development and construction
  • Healthcare access, including behavioral health
  • Homelessness
  • Jobs and the economy
  • Parks, open spaces and greenways
  • Services for vulnerable residents
  • Roads and traffic
  • Transit services (including bus and rail)