Wake County Animal Center urges pet owners to protect animals during summer heat

As temperatures rise, the Wake County Animal Center emphasizes the importance of protecting pets from the heat. Wake County Animal Center suggests several essential measures to ensure pets remain safe and comfortable during hot weather.

“Pets are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses, just like humans,” said Wake County Commissioner Vickie Adamson. “It’s essential for pet owners to take proactive steps to keep their animals safe and comfortable. Let’s work together to ensure our pets enjoy a safe and happy summer season.”

The Wake County Animal Center recommends the following tips, summarized by the acronym H.E.A.T.:

H is for Hydration: Always provide cool, fresh water for pets, adding ice cubes to help keep it cool. Ensure pets always have access to fresh water. Encourage them to drink frequently to stay hydrated.

E is for Emergency: Watch for signs such as excessive panting, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, weakness or collapsing. If these symptoms occur, move the pet to a cooler area immediately and contact a veterinarian.

A is for Asphalt: Hot asphalt can burn sensitive paw pads. Walk pets on grassy or shaded areas and avoid hot surfaces during peak heat hours. Schedule walks and exercise sessions in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.

T is for Transportation: Never leave pets in parked vehicles, even for a short time. Temperatures inside a car can quickly become life-threatening for pets. Even with windows cracked open, temperatures inside vehicles can rise to dangerous levels within minutes.

For more information and additional tips on pet safety during hot weather, visit the Wake County Animal Center's website at wake.gov/heatsafety.

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