Recreational Waters


Wake County Environmental Services samples fresh water bodies at public beaches and some private camps for E. coli and Enterococci bacteria during the summer season (late May–Labor Day weekend).  This program is in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board of Human Services of Wake County in order to inform swimmers and others who come in contact with the water regarding bacteria levels in recreational water. These bacteria are plentiful in feces of humans and animals and indicate presence of feces, which may contain pathogens capable of causing human illness.

Green – No advisory; bacteria is below exceedance thresholds.

Yellow – Caution; recent test results indicate elevated levels of bacteria; enter water at your own risk. Advisory will remain in place until bacteria levels no longer exceed the standard.  This status is also posted out of caution when a major rain even prevents testing.

Red – Closed for public health nuisance; conditions exist for elevated health risks. Body contact with water is not allowed. Beach will remain closed until the nuisance is abated.

Additional information about the advisories and the monitoring program can be found in the Wake County Policies and Procedures Manual.

Status Map

To see the status of a recreational waters location:

  • Click the icon for that location on the map,
  • You can also view detailed data reports for a location,
  • Advisories and closings will also be listed in the news section.